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Awake – Spiritual Intuition Guidance & Development (4 weeks – 1 hr each)

$777.00 60 minutes

1 hr Session

This is for You if you are ready to embrace your “Spiritual Gifts and work with your Spiritual Guides” but don’t know where to begin.

This is for You, if you are Experiencing a new “Spiritual Awakening” and it feels like you are Waking up to a New “Spiritual Awareness,” which may give rise to new Emotions. Some of these Emotions You are feeling can be described as overwhelm, frustration, fear, confusion, loneliness, questioning your sanity, questioning your Faith, Your Belief System etc.

This is for You, if you consider yourself a “Christian” but feel drawn to Magic, Dream Work, Numbers, Angels, Energy Work etc. but feel Guilt and Confusion as to whether you are in alignment with God’s Plan for Your Life.

and Finally, this is for You if you land on this page and feel a “Stirring in your SOUL.”

Price includes 1 Zoom or In person session per week for 4 weeks. We will explore your current Spiritual Foundation or Create one that is Right for You, we will tap into different forms of Prayer, Spiritual Initiations such as “Speaking in Tongues” Holy Spirit – The Shekinah Glory, Light Language, Channelling, Mediumship, Spiritual Gifts, Divination, Magic, the Art of Manifestation and more. This offer also includes Spiritual/Intuition Development Mentoring during our time together and my gift to you is a copy of my Numerology Soul Expressions Journal. I will be there to support you along this journey, help you Create your Solid Spiritual Foundation and build your Intuitive Confidence. More details to follow after Purchase.

Maui – Day Retreat – Work With Me

$1,875.00 7 hours

Water Ceremony – Click To Watch

Do you need help planning your Visit to Maui and want to include nurturing Your Spirit while working with some one who is connected here Spiritually and can assist with your Spiritual exploration, as well as guide you towards the right Healer to work with while here?

I created this offer for you. I remember when I planned my first trip to Maui and because it is known to be a very Spiritual place. I wanted to find someone who could provide some Spiritual Intuitive insight, because at that time I was going through a dark period in my life and needed some guidance. I found an amazing Intuitive Reader/Energy Healer who helped to transform my life and I want to offer that to you too while you are on “Vacation.”

***If you feel the “soul urge” to work with me. I suggest you contact me first so that we can have a chat or book my free Discovery Call so that we can determine, if we are a good fit and if I am the ideal person to serve you on this quest.*** We also get to determine if this is the right experience for you.

This current offer is one day of approximately 6 – 7hrs intensive alignment play. Plan to travel with me to different locations as required based on the work we will do. Breakfast & Lunch or Lunch & Dinner is included. This rate is per person, additional rate applies for additional parties. Group rate available upon request. 4 Max limit.

***I offer various other packages and can create a package that is ideal for you including accommodation if needed.***

Just to name a few of my specialties: Alignment Life Coaching, Reiki Master/Teacher (I initiate all levels if you are interested in Reiki), Feng Shui, Numerologist, Channel/Mediumship, Shamanic/Sound/Voice Channel, Dance, Emotional Freedom Technique, Relationship Coach, Attraction/Manifesting Coach, Confidence Coach, Intuitive Reader, Prayer/Tongues/Light Language Activation, Woman of God, Fun Goddess and more…

I help you to Awaken or Discover and Embrace who you are. You will leave Maui a renewed Being. I work with who God sends to me whatever sex you identify as, but you must be 18 years or older.

Can’t wait to share some Aloha with you.


Marsha Wald Reiki Master/Teacher

Success Alignment – Life Coaching Package

$10,858.00 90 minutes

“Your Success is linked to your Energy.” This is an Intensive Coaching Package that requires your commitment and focus ***If you want to change or improve your life it requires not just “someone telling you what to do” but requires you to make specific adjustments. These adjustments must take place from these key areas: Spiritual, Mental, Energetic, Vibration and Physical. Not many people are trained to help people work through these different Realms and that’s why many people are not experiencing lasting results. I personally mastered working in these Realms and continue to expand. While I don’t publicly display All of my successes and successful married life on social media . I strongly believe that the people who need what I offer will find me and have a deep Knowing that we are to work together. Hence why you are Here. When we work together you receive not just Instructions, but Guidance, Support and Results. The powerful tools that I share with you will shift old paradigms, cause mindset resets, build confidence, emotional maturity, spiritual grounding and more. I specialize in helping people in the following areas : Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.

This package includes 2 sessions per week for 6 months. Each session is 90 mins including a maximum of 5 (five) 15 mins weekly in between sessions check in support. Various Payment Options Available on checkout page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session. If you are interested in this package and have questions. Please book a Discovery Call with me to discuss more. **I only work with a limited number of people for this Package, therefore, if you end up “Here” follow your “Knowing.”

Overcome Heart Break & Align to Love – Life Coaching Package

$6,208.00 2 hours

I experienced one of the worst Heart Break ever and If I didn’t learn how to Heal my Broken Heart. I would still be stuck in a place of Anger, Disappointment, downright Hatred for Men, loss of faith in God and the Belief that I would Never Find Love Again.

You see, I thought I had met “The One.” How we met was pure magic and our love was instant, passionate and harmonious. Then a year in, my heart was ripped wide open.

There is something called “Soul Ties” which stems from the Spiritual and Energetic Realms. When these “Soul Ties” still exist you may do the “Physical Work” such as Walking Away or repeating multiple Affirmations and still not have the Result of finding Love or Overcome the Emotional Pain from the Breakup. Hence you may have a hard time moving on and keep falling back into the arms of your Ex even when you don’t want to. I have been there.

Or even worst. I am sure you know someone in your circle who had a broken heart and never dated again for the rest of their lives. I can raise my hand and say I know quite a few. This saddens my heart because this wisdom is not widely shared and I understand because working with “Soul Ties” is a sacred practice that requires focus and strong will power to connect with the healing energy which has to take place both Physically and Spiritually.

Thankfully for me, even though my heart was broken and I felt numb in side. My mind knew that my truest desire was to be in a Loving Relationship and so I went on a Healing Journey and Spirit led me to some Powerful Healers and Teachers who helped me to Heal, Align and Attract my Perfect Love.
We are a decade in and still happily married, in love and daily creating more Bliss together.

When you experience Heart Break, there are many layers that need to be removed so that you can reconnect to your “Essence” which is Love and when that occurs, then you can only Attract to You what You Are, which is Love.

Join me in this 4 month container that I created just for You where we Unravel, Heal, Reconnect to your Love Essence and Reestablish Your Magnetism. I will help you to Recalibrate through powerfully guided Compassionate Coaching sessions, implementing Transformational tools, Habit Forming Success Rituals and more.

Each session is 2 hours and we meet once per week for 4 months, including maximum of 4 (four) 15 mins weekly in between session check in support.

Various Payment Options are Available on the Check Out Page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session.

If you have further questions, please book a Discovery Call Prior to booking.

I believe if the Desire is in your Heart to Be in a Loving Relationship, then it is Possible. I have the Faith and so can You.

***I only work with a limited number of people for this package due to the Healing Dynamics required for this Service, therefore, it is not always available.***

Align & Thrive – Life Coaching Session (90 mins)

$350.00 90 minutes


Are you having difficulty getting over a painful experience, feeling stuck, unsupported, need some intuitive guidance or are you experiencing your “Cosmic Awakening?”

A “Cosmic Awakening” has many symptoms, most of them commonly equates to “growth pain” sometimes it can be hard and sometimes so easy that it happens and you completely miss it. Here is an example, you know you are not depressed, but can’t quite figure out what is going on, so instead you retreat because the people you call your “friends” you no longer feel a connection or want to be around them. You may also experience a sudden tumultuous change in the “perfect life” you worked so hard to create and feel at a complete loss as to what is going on? Well…I can totally relate.

My “Cosmic Awakening” drove me away from my home country at the age of 27 years old and I had the most chaotic, tumultuous, roller coaster experience until I turned 30, then the “Roller Coaster” stopped and I could breathe.

Then at 38 – 45 years old it happened again and the “Roller Coaster” returned. BUT there is plenty GOOD in all this, because I found My True Authentic Self and so can YOU!

You see, if I had a “Me” when I was between 27 – 30 years old as a guide and a confidante whom I could safely share what was happening without feeling judged. It would have saved me from a lot of unnecessary emotional pain, because this period of our life we all experience it, there is no hiding from it.

BUT how you React to these natural occurrences determines what kind of a “Roller Coaster” ride you will experience. These symbolic time lines are called your

“Cosmic Awakening!”

If you can relate to what I described, if you randomly found yourself on this page, if you feel the sudden “urge” to book this session. That is your Intuition. Follow your “Soul Urge” and gift yourself this session.

I will guide you towards tools to help tap into the “Energy of You.” To Unlock, Receive and Live your Best Life!

I specialize in helping people in the following areas: Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.

Align to Ignite – Life Coaching Package

$1,888.00 90 minutes

Are you are facing a challenging point in your life such as tired of being single, tired of failed relationships, tired of feeling powerless regarding the direction of your life, tired of feeling unfulfilled and need clarity? Want to have a deeper Spiritual connection, but conventional ways such as showing up in Church every Sunday does not feel good anymore, tired of feeling guilt, shame, lack of confidence, tired of feeling stuck and hopeless? Well get ready for your BreakThrough!

You can only Attract and Receive what is in Your Awareness. To create positive changes in your life requires Alignment and Transformational Reset in 5 key areas: Spiritual, Soul Path, Vibration, Soul Purpose and Energy.
I have personally Mastered working in these Realms and by choosing to Work with me and learning how to apply these Ancient Spiritual Tools and Techniques, you too will achieve the Results you are Seeking.

I have created an amazing life for myself, manifested/called in my dream man and married him, created flourishing businesses, live in my dream home at my dream place on Maui Hawaii, navigated great obstacles, such as multiple devastating heart breaks, leaving my home country to start a new life in a new country and at the peak of my career in the USA at the age of 33 years old I fell into depression and healed myself by tapping deeper into my Spirituality, true Soul Purpose and Soul Path to recreate my life. Yes it was painful to walk away from my stability, beautiful condo in the city, friends, Ministry etc. to walk into the unknown.

However, today I can say it was worth it, because I now share all these Gifts with you. I enjoy serving my clients compassionately and powerfully in 1:1 sessions because it creates the space and freedom for you to be and express your Authentic Self. What most people are not aware of is that when you choose to explore your Soul Path and Purpose, what unfolds requires you to be in a safe space working with someone who is non-judgmental, trustworthy, compassionate yet knowledgeable.

We will dive into the Key areas using powerful Ancient Spiritual Tools and Techniques to get you the Results you have been Seeking. We will customize your Plan of Action for Success!

In this 3 months container we will meet twice per month and each session is 90 mins. Including maximum of 2 (two) 15 mins weekly in between session check in support.

Various Payment Options available on check out page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session. If you are interested in this package and need more information. Please book a free Discovery Call with me to discuss more.

**More on my expertise: I specialize in helping people in the following areas : Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.**

Vision Board Coaching

Vision Board Creation – Coaching (3 hours)

$575.00 3 hours

Vision Boards changed my life. I have been working with Vision Boards for over 20 years and there are certain secrets and techniques involved in creating a Vision Board that works. I wanted to help people understand that creating a Vision Board is not just some “fun, wishy washy, picture that is nice to look at.” But when done correctly. Vision Boards work! That’s why I am offering a Vision Board Creation Coaching Service. I will teach you how to make a Vision Board to manifest your desires by sharing tools I used to “Work my Vision for Success.” You will learn how to create, magnetize and activate your Vision Board. I will also guide you through different exercises so that you can identify and remove any blocks or limiting beliefs that may hinder your manifesting skills. This session requires 3 hours. To be completed in one session. More details provided after session is booked.

Marsha Wald Reiki Services in Maui

“Calling in the One” Intro Offer- Alignment Life Coaching Session (2 hrs)

$444.00 2 hours

***This session is only for those who are ready to “Call in the One.”*** I strongly believe that if the Desire is in your heart to have a loving relationship with another person, then God has the person for you.” It is a natural desire to want to be in union with another person. We were not created to be Alone. It is God’s Desire for us to be with our mate if we desire it. Society has sold us stories that it is “hard to find love, not enough good men or women exist” and sadly many of us buy into that reality, including myself for a time, until I was able to break free from that trap. Love is Seeking You, Your Right and Perfect Partner is also Seeking You. Your Desires are Seeking You. You can Have it All. But here is the catch. You must KNOW what you Desire, Be Willing to take Inspired Spiritually Guided Action and Be Open to Receive. This all sounds very simple and easy but if it really was, we would all be married or in unions.

That’s why I created this offer, because I know many of you are just a “Mental of a Spiritual Block” away from Calling in your Love. But if you have tried everything and nothing works then the feeling of “Hopelessness, Loneliness, Disappointment & Single-hood” may take root and you may never find your way out. I can look at a person and see the yearning, the loneliness, the spiritual bondage and it saddens my heart to see this. I want you to know that is not the Desire of God and You can have your Heart’s Desire.

I freed myself and I am grateful for all the Teachers, Mentors and Healers that poured into me to help me to Clarify, Own My Gift and Call In My Love. I want to Share this with You too.

In our session I will tap into your Energy Field, Align you in the Spiritual Realm with Your True Desire, Clarify your Desire so that it is Easily Received by You. YES we tend to Block Ourselves from Receiving when we have Unhealed Emotional Baggages. We will Uncover what is Holding You Back, Work Through  past Disappointments, Create Your Ideal Relationship Blueprint and you will leave our session with a “Soul Plan.”

This is the greatest Gift you can give Yourself. See You Soon.



Marsha Wald - Services

Alignment Life Coaching – Alignment/ Clarity or Business Creation Session (2.5 hours)

$488.00 2 hours

Book this session only If you need a One Time Alignment Life Coaching Session for Emotional Healing, Clarity, Insight or Setting up your Own Business. Not everyone needs to be in a Coaching Program, sometimes you just need a 1 on 1 Deep Dive and that’s why I created this two and a half hour Offering for You. I specialize in applying Spiritual Principles and Practical Tools to help you Achieve your Goals. We can work on Exploring your Relationship with Money to overcome Prosperity/Abundance Blocks, Create an Ideal Life Style, Setting up your Business, Exploring your Spiritual Gifts, Dealing with your Spiritual Awakening and more. Go ahead, Book Now. I incorporate a number of Tools to Assist You. If more Sessions are needed, then we will create a Package that works for you. It takes Courage to ask for Help and I am proud of you for taking the first step! Let’s begin! I will guide you with Compassion, Knowledge and Intuitive Applications which will help to tap into the “Energy of You.” To Unlock, Receive and Keep You on the Path of Living Your Best Life!