Success Alignment – Life Coaching Package

$10,858.00 90 minutes

“Your Success is linked to your Energy.” This is an Intensive Coaching Package that requires your commitment and focus ***If you want to change or improve your life it requires not just “someone telling you what to do” but requires you to make specific adjustments. These adjustments must take place from these key areas: Spiritual, Mental, Energetic, Vibration and Physical. Not many people are trained to help people work through these different Realms and that’s why many people are not experiencing lasting results. I personally mastered working in these Realms and continue to expand. While I don’t publicly display All of my successes and successful married life on social media . I strongly believe that the people who need what I offer will find me and have a deep Knowing that we are to work together. Hence why you are Here. When we work together you receive not just Instructions, but Guidance, Support and Results. The powerful tools that I share with you will shift old paradigms, cause mindset resets, build confidence, emotional maturity, spiritual grounding and more. I specialize in helping people in the following areas : Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.

This package includes 2 sessions per week for 6 months. Each session is 90 mins including a maximum of 5 (five) 15 mins weekly in between sessions check in support. Various Payment Options Available on checkout page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session. If you are interested in this package and have questions. Please book a Discovery Call with me to discuss more. **I only work with a limited number of people for this Package, therefore, if you end up “Here” follow your “Knowing.”


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