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Awake – Spiritual Intuition Guidance & Development (4 Sessions – 90mins each)

$1,888.00 90 minutes

90mins Session

This is for You if you are ready to embrace your “Spiritual Gifts and work with your Spiritual Guides” but don’t know where to begin.

This is for You if you are Experiencing a new “Spiritual Awakening.” It feels like you are waking up to a new “Spiritual Awareness” and some of the emotions you are feeling can be described as overwhelm, frustration, fear, confusion, loneliness etc.

This is for You if you consider yourself a “Christian” but feel drawn to Magic, Dream Work, Numbers, Angels, Energy Work etc. but feel Guilt and Confusion as to whether you are in alignment with God’s plan for your life.

and Finally, this is for You if you land on this page and feel a “Stirring in your SOUL.”

Price includes 1 Zoom or In person session per week for 4 weeks, including Spiritual/Intuition Development Mentoring during our time together and my gift to you a copy of my Numerology Soul Expressions Journal. I will be there to support you along this journey, help you set your spiritual foundation and build your Intuitive confidence. More details to follow after Purchase.

Numerology Soul Expressions Journal


The Numerology Soul Work Expressions Journal was designed and endowed with the Energy to give you the experience of “Soul Flow Writing” and an Introduction to Numerology.The answers we seek are within. In this beautiful executive size (12L X 8.5W) Journal, you will find instructions on how to begin, Journal Prompts, How to find your Life Path Number, Numeric Traits Guide and more. They come in 5 Colors, Green, Red, Yellow, White and Pink. Allow the Color to Choose You and get ready to allow your Soul to Soar!

Click Link Below to see All Available Colors and Purchase your Soul Work Expressions Journal Now.

Transformational Life Coaching - Maui

Maui Retreat – Work With Me

$1,111.00 4 hours

Water Ceremony – Click To Watch

Visiting Maui and would like to do some Spiritual work while you are here? I created this offer for you. I remember when I planned my first trip to Maui and because it is known to be a very Spiritual place. I wanted to find someone who could provide some Spiritual Intuitive insight because I was going through a dark period in my life and needed some guidance. I found an amazing Intuitive Reader/ Healer who helped to transform my life and I want to offer that to you too while you are on “Vacation.” Once you book your appointment I will reach out to you. We will set up a call to coordinate. This session is 1/2 day and intensive. Plan to travel with me to different locations as required based on the work we will do. Lunch is included. Can’t wait to share some Aloha with you.


Numerology Reading – Short Session for Quick Answers (30 Minutes)

$147.00 30 minutes

30 mins Numerology Reading – This is just what you need if you want quick answers to solve a situation. I will provide these answers by narrowing down what consultation would be best to assist with the goal/s you desire. For example, knowing your Personal Year, this can provide insight on what you should focus on during that phase, if you are starting a business, is the Business Name/Address the right vibration? or you might be going through a rough phase and need some quick answers. This 30 minutes Numerology/Intuitive Reading will provide you with clarity. Please note all Numerology/Intuitive Guidance are for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice.

Ignite & Thrive – Transformational Life Coaching Package

$2,888.00 2 hours

Ready to Thrive? Special limited offer savings package for 6 Transformational Life Coaching sessions. Each session is 2 hrs and we meet once per month. Payment Plan Option available upon Request. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session.

Marsha Wald Reiki Master/Teacher

Premier Fast Track – Transformational Life Coaching Package

$10,757.00 2 hours

This is an Intensive Coaching Package. Please book only if you are committed and serious about your success. This is for you if you are fed up and tired of feeling like your life is missing something but you can’t seem to figure out what is missing. This is for you if you keep attracting the wrong types of love interests and ready to create your ideal relationship. This is for you if you are ready for your Break Through. This package includes 4 sessions per month for 3 months. Each session is 2 hours.  Payment Plan Option Available Upon Request. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session.

Prosperity & Purpose – Transformational Life Coaching Package

$8,698.00 2 hours

Prosperity is an essence that we embody. However, negative experiences can erode the essence of Prosperity which affects multiple areas of our lives. I will help you to reactivate your Prosperity Essence through powerfully guided Coaching sessions, implementing transformational tools and habit forming success rituals. Each session is 2 hours. Package consists of 10 sessions. Payment Plan Option Available Upon Request. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session.

1 hr Intuitive Reading/Reiki Coaching

$288.00 60 minutes

Intuitive Reading/Reiki Coaching Session will provide tools, energy clearing as needed and guidance to address Life decisions and questions you might have. Such as, should I take this job offer? I start a Reiki Healing Practice? Should you go to the next level of Initiation? My relationship broke up after an Initiation, what do I do? How do I work with Reiki to Manifest? What is Distance Healing? Etc. What ever questions you have there is an answer and we will find it together. Please note all Intuitive Guidance are for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice.


Full Service Feng Shui Consultation

$497.00 4 hours

If your Business is constantly losing sales, customer retention, employee retention, need a makeover etc. and you have tried everything and nothing works? Before you give up. Schedule a Feng Shui Consultation with me. It may be a simple solution, such as your space needs an energy clearing or the Chi (life force energy that surrounds everything) may be stagnant in your space.  It could be the decor, it could be the location, there could be a number of factors that only a Feng Shui Expert can quickly identify. While we cannot rebuild your business physical structure. I can provide enhancements to balance the space and help with decor. We will go in-depth and review all areas and make adjustments accordingly for the positive enhancement of your business. Plus square footage fee – Billed separately.

Marsha Wald - Services

Repeat Customer “Space Refresher”

$247.00 2 hours

If you have had my services before and would like a “Space Refresher.” For repeat customers only in the same space that was previously treated. Plus square footage fee.

Feng Shui/Interior Decorator Personal Shopper

$150.00 60 minutes

Shop for items needed for Space Adjustments and or Decor. Price includes 1 hour of Shopping and does not include commute time. Any Additional Time will be Billed Separately. If you need to book more than 1 hour, please contact me prior to booking.

Full Service Feng Shui Consultation

$497.00 4 hours

Do you “Feel” comfortable in your space or “Feel” like your Space needs a Makeover? Are you getting ready to Sell your Home and need some help with Staging/ Decor Advice? Feng Shui addresses the “Feel and Look of a Space.” If it does not “Feel Right” the Property will not Sell or you won’t feel Comfortable in your Space. Let me help you put your mind at ease. We will go in-depth and review all areas such as Wealth, Health, Career, etc. All individuals who reside in the home will be included. We will analyze location, apply Numerology and other tools as needed for the enhancements. Plus square footage fee – Billed Separately.