Vision Board Creation – Coaching (3 hours)

$575.00 3 hours

Vision Boards changed my life. I have been working with Vision Boards for over 20 years and there are certain secrets and techniques involved in creating a Vision Board that works. I wanted to help people understand that creating a Vision Board is not just some “fun, wishy washy, picture that is nice to look at.” But when done correctly. Vision Boards work! That’s why I am offering a Vision Board Creation Coaching Service. I will teach you how to make a Vision Board to manifest your desires by sharing tools I used to “Work my Vision for Success.” You will learn how to create, magnetize and activate your Vision Board. I will also guide you through different exercises so that you can identify and remove any blocks or limiting beliefs that may hinder your manifesting skills. This session requires 3 hours. To be completed in one session. More details provided after session is booked.


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