Alignment Life Coaching – Alignment/ Clarity or Business Creation Session (2.5 hours)

$497.00 2 hours

Book this session only If you need a One Time Alignment Life Coaching Session for Emotional Healing, Clarity, Insight or Setting up your Own Business. Not everyone needs to be in a Coaching Program, sometimes you just need a 1 on 1 Deep Dive and that’s why I created this two and a half hour Offering for You. I specialize in applying Spiritual Principles and Practical Tools to help you Achieve your Goals. We can work on Exploring your Relationship with Money to overcome Prosperity/Abundance Blocks, Create an Ideal Life Style, Setting up your Business, Exploring your Spiritual Gifts, Dealing with your Spiritual Awakening and more. Go ahead, Book Now. I incorporate a number of Tools to Assist You. If more Sessions are needed, then we will create a Package that works for you. It takes Courage to ask for Help and I am proud of you for taking the first step! Let’s begin! I will guide you with Compassion, Knowledge and Intuitive Applications which will help to tap into the “Energy of You.” To Unlock, Receive and Keep You on the Path of Living Your Best Life!


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