Reiki Training Level 11 – Contact Me for Date Prior to Booking



If you were led here, then continue to follow your Souls Urge. You must receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement to be eligible to receive Reiki Level 11 Training. Reiki Level 11 is a 1/2 day Intensive Certification Training and Attunement. You will also receive Mentorship support after Initiation for 4 months. Mentorship must be used within 6 months from initiation date. Class start time is flexible but my standard start time is usually 10am – 3 pm – In person – Maui. After Attunement you will receive your Level 11 Certification under the Lineage of Sensei Dr Mikao Usui – Shiki Ryoho. Space is very limited – maximum 2. More details will be emailed to you after your purchase.If you have questions or  to request date for class, feel free to contact me by filling out the Contact Me form on the Website. Your  Reiki Healing journey awaits you. Book Now. ***Please note due to the nature of this Training, advance preparation is necessary for both Teacher and Student, therefore, last minute booking is accepted no later than 72 hours (3 days) prior to training date.***