Overcome Heart Break & Align to Love – Life Coaching Package

$5,497.00 2 hours

I experienced one of the worst Heart Break ever and If I didn’t learn how to Heal my Broken Heart. I would still be stuck in a place of Anger, Disappointment, downright Hatred for Men, loss of faith in God and the Belief that I would Never Find Love Again.

You see, I thought I had met “The One.” How we met was pure magic and our love was instant, passionate and harmonious. Then a year in, my heart was ripped wide open.

There is something called “Soul Ties” which stems from the Spiritual and Energetic Realms. When these “Soul Ties” still exist you may do the “Physical Work” such as Walking Away or repeating multiple Affirmations and still not have the Result of finding Love or Overcome the Emotional Pain from the Breakup. Hence you may have a hard time moving on and keep falling back into the arms of your Ex even when you don’t want to. I have been there.

Or even worst. I am sure you know someone in your circle who had a broken heart and never dated again for the rest of their lives. I can raise my hand and say I know quite a few. This saddens my heart because this wisdom is not widely shared and I understand because working with “Soul Ties” is a sacred practice that requires focus and strong will power to connect with the healing energy which has to take place both Physically and Spiritually.

Thankfully for me, even though my heart was broken and I felt numb in side. My mind knew that my truest desire was to be in a Loving Relationship and so I went on a Healing Journey and Spirit led me to some Powerful Healers and Teachers who helped me to Heal, Align and Attract my Perfect Love.
We are a decade in and still happily married, in love and daily creating more Bliss together.

When you experience Heart Break, there are many layers that need to be removed so that you can reconnect to your “Essence” which is Love and when that occurs, then you can only Attract to You what You Are, which is Love.

Join me in this 4 month container that I created just for You where we Unravel, Heal, Reconnect to your Love Essence and Reestablish Your Magnetism. I will help you to Recalibrate through powerfully guided Compassionate Coaching sessions, implementing Transformational tools, Habit Forming Success Rituals and more.

Each session is 2 hours and we meet twice per week for 4 months also including 15 mins check in support as needed.

Various Payment Options are Available on the Check Out Page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session.

If you have further questions, please book a Discovery Call Prior to booking.

I believe if the Desire is in your Heart to Be in a Loving Relationship, then it is Possible. I have the Faith and so can You.

***I only work with a limited number of people for this package due to the Healing Dynamics required for this Service, therefore, it is not always available.***


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