Maui Retreat – Sisters Who Dance 5 Day Luxury Retreat

$8,699.00 2 hours

Introducing “Sisters Who Dance.” – Click Link To Watch Video.

Sisters Who Dance carries the encoded DNA of Creation and Intuition in their Bodies.(In the Beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word became Flesh and Dwell Amongst US). We bring forth the Thoughts of the Divine through Movements.

Our Bodies are Vessels for the Voice Of God. When we Dance we Activate the God Energy of the Divine Masculine, The Divine Feminine, The Divine Father, the Divine Mother.

We release in to our Realms and Timelines hidden Answers and Messages into the Atmosphere which is delivered by the Elements which flows in harmony with US.

The Air, The Water, The Earth, The Fire. We embody the Elemental Attributes as our Bodies weave, transform and birth new beginning, and rise like the Phoenix we soar like the Eagle. We transcend timelines and tap into our Ancestral Lineage. Giving homage to the Sisters who carried our Sacred Magic and we humble ourselves under the Divine Mother Father hand for choosing us to carry on the Message and so we Dance.

We Dance for others who are afraid, we dance for others who cannot dance, we dance for liberation, we dance for joy, we dance for victory, we dance for war, we dance for love, we dance for peace, we dance for our children, we dance for each other, We Dance, We Dance, the Dance Never Stops.

We Dance because we know that we are, the Shamans, Messengers, Protectors, Activators, Visionaries, Nurturers, Peace Makers, Healers, Teachers, Guardians of Sacred Wisdom, but most importantly, we Dance because that is our Delightful Act of Divine Connection where we ourselves are Nourished and Loved.

Join me into the Sisterhood of Dance where we surrender to each other in true authenticity of who we are with out judgment or ego. We Dance, we move our Bodies how we are guided, with the deep Trust and Knowing that we are doing the Work of the Divine.

***If you feel the “soul urge” to work with me. I suggest you contact me first so that we can have a chat or book my free Discovery Call so that we can determine, if this is the ideal Retreat for you and if I am the ideal person to serve you on this quest.***

This current offer is 5 days of approximately 6hrs daily of flow & play. Plan to travel with me to different locations as required based on the work we will do. This package includes 5 nights ocean view accommodation and 3 meals per day plus sessions. This package rate is per person, additional rate applies for additional parties. Group rate available upon request. 6 Max limit.

***I offer various other packages starting from $4898 – $8699 and can create a package that is ideal for you including additional accommodations and lower nightly rate if needed.***

Just to name a few of my specialties: Transformational Life Coaching, Reiki Master/Teacher (I initiate all levels if you are interested in Reiki), Feng Shui, Numerologist, Channel/Mediumship, Shamanic/Sound/Voice Channel, Dance, Emotional Freedom Technique, Relationship Coach, Attraction/Manifesting Coach, Confidence Coach, Intuitive Reader, Prayer/Tongues/Light Language Activation, Woman of God, Fun Goddess and more…

I help you to Awaken or Discover and Embrace who you are. You will leave Maui a renewed Being. I work with who God sends to me, but you must be 18 years or older.

Can’t wait to share some Aloha with you.



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