Finding Your Money Channel – (4 Sessions – 90mins each)

$2,888.00 90 minutes

Money is not your Problem. It is Your God! You lack Trust that “Your God.” will provide for you. God does Provide, however, we are all born with “Money Channel/s” and it is tied to our Soul Purpose. When you do the things that “lights up your Soul.” it brings Provision in consistent excess. When your Money Channel is open it does not matter if you are the “holiest saint or the devil.” Your Channel will flow. There are areas in our lives that are blocking us from opening and finding our Channels. Finding your Channels requires exploring parts of your self that you don’t want to explore in Group settings. That’s why I choose to have 1:1 sessions where you are in a safe space to work with me and be supported.

We will set your Spiritual Foundation. Explore your Timelines, Your Money Seasons, Money Beliefs, Unlock your Blocks, Build your Money Confidence to Call in what you require. Align with your Soul Purpose. Create your Business or Intuitive Guidance on Expanding your Business, Harmonize your Relationship with Money and more.

If you land on this page and feel a “Stirring in your SOUL.” This is for You. Feel free to book a free Discovery Call prior to booking if you have questions.

All 4 sessions are via Zoom or In person. During our time together. I will be there to support you along this journey, help you set your spiritual foundation, build your Intuitive confidence and open your Money Channel. Plus my free gift to you is a copy of my Numerology Soul Expressions Journal. More details to follow after Purchase.


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