“Calling in the One” Intro Offer- Alignment Life Coaching Session (2 hrs)

$444.00 2 hours

***This session is only for those who are ready to “Call in the One.”*** I strongly believe that if the Desire is in your heart to have a loving relationship with another person, then God has the person for you.” It is a natural desire to want to be in union with another person. We were not created to be Alone. It is God’s Desire for us to be with our mate if we desire it. Society has sold us stories that it is “hard to find love, not enough good men or women exist” and sadly many of us buy into that reality, including myself for a time, until I was able to break free from that trap. Love is Seeking You, Your Right and Perfect Partner is also Seeking You. Your Desires are Seeking You. You can Have it All. But here is the catch. You must KNOW what you Desire, Be Willing to take Inspired Spiritually Guided Action and Be Open to Receive. This all sounds very simple and easy but if it really was, we would all be married or in unions.

That’s why I created this offer, because I know many of you are just a “Mental of a Spiritual Block” away from Calling in your Love. But if you have tried everything and nothing works then the feeling of “Hopelessness, Loneliness, Disappointment & Single-hood” may take root and you may never find your way out. I can look at a person and see the yearning, the loneliness, the spiritual bondage and it saddens my heart to see this. I want you to know that is not the Desire of God and You can have your Heart’s Desire.

I freed myself and I am grateful for all the Teachers, Mentors and Healers that poured into me to help me to Clarify, Own My Gift and Call In My Love. I want to Share this with You too.

In our session I will tap into your Energy Field, Align you in the Spiritual Realm with Your True Desire, Clarify your Desire so that it is Easily Received by You. YES we tend to Block Ourselves from Receiving when we have Unhealed Emotional Baggages. We will Uncover what is Holding You Back, Work Through  past Disappointments, Create Your Ideal Relationship Blueprint and you will leave our session with a “Soul Plan.”

This is the greatest Gift you can give Yourself. See You Soon.




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