Align to Ignite – Life Coaching Package

$2,497.00 90 minutes

Are you are facing a challenging point in your life such as tired of being single, tired of failed relationships, tired of feeling powerless regarding the direction of your life, tired of feeling unfulfilled and need clarity? Want to have a deeper Spiritual connection, but conventional ways such as showing up in Church every Sunday does not feel good anymore, tired of feeling guilt, shame, lack of confidence, tired of feeling stuck and hopeless? Well get ready for your BreakThrough!

You can only Attract and Receive what is in Your Awareness. To create positive changes in your life requires Alignment and Transformational Reset in 5 key areas: Spiritual, Soul Path, Vibration, Soul Purpose and Energy.
I have personally Mastered working in these Realms and by choosing to Work with me and learning how to apply these Ancient Spiritual Tools and Techniques, you too will achieve the Results you are Seeking.

I have created an amazing life for myself, manifested/called in my dream man and married him, created flourishing businesses, live in my dream home at my dream place on Maui Hawaii, navigated great obstacles, such as multiple devastating heart breaks, leaving my home country to start a new life in a new country and at the peak of my career in the USA at the age of 33 years old I fell into depression and healed myself by tapping deeper into my Spirituality, true Soul Purpose and Soul Path to recreate my life. Yes it was painful to walk away from my stability, beautiful condo in the city, friends, Ministry etc. to walk into the unknown.

However, today I can say it was worth it, because I now share all these Gifts with you. I enjoy serving my clients compassionately and powerfully in 1:1 sessions because it creates the space and freedom for you to be and express your Authentic Self. What most people are not aware of is that when you choose to explore your Soul Path and Purpose, what unfolds requires you to be in a safe space working with someone who is non-judgmental, trustworthy, compassionate yet knowledgeable.

We will dive into the Key areas using powerful Ancient Spiritual Tools and Techniques to get you the Results you have been Seeking. We will customize your Plan of Action for Success!

In this 3 months container we will meet twice per month and each session is 90 mins. Including maximum of 2 (two) 15 mins weekly in between session check in support.

Various Payment Options available on check out page. Please choose a time for your first session. We will discuss future scheduling at your session. If you are interested in this package and need more information. Please book a free Discovery Call with me to discuss more.

**More on my expertise: I specialize in helping people in the following areas : Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.**


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