Align & Thrive – Life Coaching Session (90 mins)

$350.00 90 minutes


Are you having difficulty getting over a painful experience, feeling stuck, unsupported, need some intuitive guidance or are you experiencing your “Cosmic Awakening?”

A “Cosmic Awakening” has many symptoms, most of them commonly equates to “growth pain” sometimes it can be hard and sometimes so easy that it happens and you completely miss it. Here is an example, you know you are not depressed, but can’t quite figure out what is going on, so instead you retreat because the people you call your “friends” you no longer feel a connection or want to be around them. You may also experience a sudden tumultuous change in the “perfect life” you worked so hard to create and feel at a complete loss as to what is going on? Well…I can totally relate.

My “Cosmic Awakening” drove me away from my home country at the age of 27 years old and I had the most chaotic, tumultuous, roller coaster experience until I turned 30, then the “Roller Coaster” stopped and I could breathe.

Then at 38 – 45 years old it happened again and the “Roller Coaster” returned. BUT there is plenty GOOD in all this, because I found My True Authentic Self and so can YOU!

You see, if I had a “Me” when I was between 27 – 30 years old as a guide and a confidante whom I could safely share what was happening without feeling judged. It would have saved me from a lot of unnecessary emotional pain, because this period of our life we all experience it, there is no hiding from it.

BUT how you React to these natural occurrences determines what kind of a “Roller Coaster” ride you will experience. These symbolic time lines are called your

“Cosmic Awakening!”

If you can relate to what I described, if you randomly found yourself on this page, if you feel the sudden “urge” to book this session. That is your Intuition. Follow your “Soul Urge” and gift yourself this session.

I will guide you towards tools to help tap into the “Energy of You.” To Unlock, Receive and Live your Best Life!

I specialize in helping people in the following areas: Relationships, such as Manifesting your Ideal Relationship, Healing Heart Break, Creating Your Ideal Lifestyle, Finding Your Purpose, Confidence Building, Activating Your Divine Feminine, Helping “Alpha Females” find Harmony in the Workplace, Money Mindset/Prosperity, Embracing your Bi-Racial Heritage and Spirituality.


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