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Numerology Soul Expressions Journal


The Numerology Soul Work Expressions Journal was designed and endowed with the Energy to give you the experience of “Soul Flow Writing” and an Introduction to Numerology.The answers we seek are within. In this beautiful executive size (12L X 8.5W) Journal, you will find instructions on how to begin, Journal Prompts, How to find your Life Path Number, Numeric Traits Guide and more. They come in 5 Colors, Green, Red, Yellow, White and Pink. Allow the Color to Choose You and get ready to allow your Soul to Soar!

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Numerology Reading – Short Session for Quick Answers (30 Minutes)

$77.00 30 minutes

30 mins Numerology Reading – This is just what you need if you want quick answers to solve a situation. I will provide these answers by narrowing down what consultation would be best to assist with the goal/s you desire. For example, knowing your Personal Year, this can provide insight on what you should focus on during that phase, if you are starting a business, is the Business Name/Address the right vibration? or you might be going through a rough phase and need some quick answers. This 30 minutes Numerology/Intuitive Reading will provide you with clarity. Please note all Numerology/Intuitive Guidance are for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice.

Maui Life Coach

Numerology Reading – In-depth Consultation (90 minutes)

$175.00 90 minutes

1 1/2 Hour Consultation where we dive into 6 core areas of Numerology to help you gain as much clarity and insight about your self and your cycles. I will also email you a brief summary of what we discussed and a free Personal Month Calendar so that you know the right timing for life style decisions. Please note all Numerology/Intuitive Guidance are for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice.

Numerology Services in Maui

Numerology Calendar – Personal Month Calendar for the Year


I will prepare and email your Personal Month Calendar for the year so that you know what goals or desires to pursue and when. Please include your Birthday at the time of booking and if you have questions select the format of contact. Every number has Characteristics and a Vibration. These affect our lives. Knowing how to navigate these Vibrations helps us to make better decisions and gives us clarity on how to move forward in manifesting our desires. Knowing the Numerological Vibration for each Month will give you the tools on how to Navigate the Year. I will email you your Personalized Calendar within 48 hrs of Purchase. Mahalo.