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Feng Shui/Interior Decorator Personal Shopper

$250.00 60 minutes

Shop for items needed for Space Adjustments and or Decor. Price includes 1 hour of Shopping and does not include commute time. Any Additional Time will be Billed Separately. If you need to book more than 1 hour, please contact me prior to booking.

Full Service Feng Shui Consultation

$597.00 2 hours

Do you “Feel” comfortable in your space or “Feel” like your Space needs a Makeover? Are you getting ready to Sell your Home and need some help with Staging/ Decor Advice? Feng Shui addresses the “Feel and Look of a Space.” If it does not “Feel Right” the Property will not Sell or you won’t feel Comfortable in your Space. Let me help you put your mind at ease. We will go in-depth and review all areas such as Wealth, Health, Career, etc. All individuals who reside in the home will be included. We will analyze location, apply Numerology and other tools as needed for the enhancements. Plus square footage fee – Billed Separately.