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Alignment Life Coach

Are you having difficulty getting over an Ex? Are you feeling stuck and don’t know how to change your circumstances? Are you dealing with a series of disappointments and can’t seem to find a way to over come this cycle? We will assess your Lifestyle, Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health. We will work together to get you ReAligned so that you can receive and live your Best! I work from a place of Love, Wisdom, Understanding and Compassion. Are you ready? Your best awaits!

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Feng Shui

Alignment and balance are the core and essence of Feng Shui. There are different styles of Feng Shui. I was trained and practice the Compass School of Feng Shui. Which also works in harmony with Numerology and Intuitive Readings. If you are feeling like you are going through a never ending cycle of disappointments and no matter what you do nothing changes? The issue may not be you, but your Space. I will work with you to find a solution and get you Re-Aligned.

Reiki in Maui


I was trained and practice the Mikao Usui Ryoho Reiki Healing. If you feel drained, tired most of the time or having a hard time overcoming a painful experience? Try Reiki. Reiki is a gentle, safe, hands on healing technique which uses Chi/Mana/Prana (Spiritual Life Force Energy) to treat physical ailments, without pressure, manipulation or massage.

Numerology in Maui


What’s your Number? Numbers have a language and speaks clearly to me. I intuitively understand the messages in numbers. Knowing your Life Path Number is one key element in knowing more about yourself. It changed my life! I offer quick insight or in-depth sessions. If you are feeling like it’s time to make a change but need clarity? Numerology can help you define the cycle you are in and also when it’s the right time to take action. Let me help you tap into the “Energy of You.”

My Mission

Reiki Services in Maui


When you are ready, all that you need will appear! Awakening happens differently for each person. It can be a very minute experience or it can be an epic tidal wave of events. Either way, it is our reminder to wake up! You can choose to ignore, numb or embrace it. Awakening is a loving experience, because it gives us a second chance. I am glad I embraced my awakening and SURRENDERED to the process, because it has lead me here. Now I help others with the same love, understanding and compassion that was shown to me by those that appeared when I AWOKE!

Feng Shui Services in Maui


We all have a unique journey. I am here to help you customize your path, just for you.

Life Coaching in Maui


You are ready to soar! Let me help you Manifest! Expand and Increase!

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