Every morning I look through my window and I see the name of a local store. Its called the “Minds Eye.” I often wonder to myself who came up with that name? But like anything else, the answer starts in the mind. This morning I decided to make myself, yes make myself sit and be still for 10 minutes. Shutting out all the noise, get quiet and listen. In listening I began to see into my mind. What was revealed brought me immense joy!

You see I am living my dream. The dream of living in a warm place, married to the man I dreamt about, I am experiencing radiant health and I have a roof over our heads. Here I was living my dream and not realize that my dream was now a reality.

In my single years I would dream of a loving relationship. When I lived in a cold part of the State I dreamt of living in a warm place. When I didn’t have a home, I dreamt of living in a lovely home. I dreamt for so long that it took me 5 years to realize my dream had manifested 5 years ago and its now a reality.

My desire is for you to spend sometime and assess where you are, because we may not realize like myself that my dream has come through and now I need to start dreaming new dreams in my “Minds Eyes.”